Healthy Mindset

I taught a class last night discussing mindset in regards to weight loss and habit change. It struck me that so many of us embarking on a new eating program – gluten free, low carb, sugar free, etc. - focus on deprivation, the foods we miss,  and the unfairness around not eating (insert your favorite unhealthy food). This puts each of us in a mindset of focusing on restrictions and barriers. 

As a result, we concentrate solely on the finish line and the next time we can indulge in our favorite food (usually going overboard). However, this leaves us overly focused on the minute details as opposed to the larger picture. We forget that the piece of food we crave will only taste good for a moment while it sets us back on our journey to health. Whether you are eating for health, to lose weight, gain energy, reduce allergies, or for any other reason, focus on all of the wonderful new foods and recipes you get to explore. Consider this statement as well, “ I am not depriving myself when I restrict (insert your favorite food, mine is anything containing sugar). This is a personal and empowering decision to improve my health (or insert your goal), feel better, and be a better version of me.”

We live in a society that demands instant results and gratification. Sometimes we forget that feeling well, having energy, sleeping through the night, not experiencing bloating, and not being in pain are instant results. The best advice any of us can take  - focus on daily healthy habits and the results will come faster than you can imagine.