Exercise Pill?

The human body is fascinating. Every moment of the day it works meticulously to ensure thousands of processes work perfectly. It even compensates for the misuse and abuse it receives from our diets, the environment, and our increasingly more sedentary lives. It is no surprised that for thousands of years the body has been the main source of research.

This week researchers announced they are creating blueprints of what happens in the body during exercise. (You can read more here) For a nutrition nerd like me, this is pretty cool. However, many go a step further suggesting that we might have an exercise pill that will enable us to never need to go to the gym, move, and sweat again. Sounds great, right?

I unfortunately would have to say no. This simplistic way of thinking that popping a pill will provide us with the same rewards a walk or workout will neglects all of the other wonderful side benefits we receive. When we exercise or sweat, we detox. Also, the psychological benefits of moving are huge as we experience an endorphin release that makes us feel great and of course boosts our mood. Exercise and movement both provide stress relief, improve sleep, support a sense of accomplishment, enhance muscle tone, and work to prevent injury and disease progression.

While an exercise pill could be great for those who are sick, elderly, or unable to move for any reason, creating a pill for the average person could negatively affect our lives, our mental health, productivity, and so much more.

Would you take an exercise pill?

How do you benefit from movement and exercise?