My name is Kasin Anton. I love talking about nutrition, health, food, and any other associated topics. My absolute favorite is when I can help people gain greater personal insight that empowers them to make change and educated decisions. When the light bulb goes on, the possibilities are tremendous.

I grew up on the Standard American Diet that included junk food, fast food, and drinking multiple cokes throughout the day with little to no water.  However, I looked healthy and would have described myself as such as I was a successful competitive athlete on the regional, state, and national level.  I was extremely active and simply ate whatever tasted good without any thought to how I would feel or how it would affect my body physically or emotionally.

I chose my meals by letting my cravings guide the way.  Never once did anyone discuss my food choices in regards to my athletic performance, health, ability to focus in school, or for any other reason.

As I got older, I began experimenting with my diet by trying different ways of eating and became a vegetarian. This shocked many people, as it was a huge shift from my usual choices. Numerous people told me I would get sick and would not be able to continue as an athlete. As a result, I started learning about food, nutrition, and myself in order to make sure I was making healthy choices and continue doing what I loved.

Once I started listening to my body, I quickly learned that dairy was no longer my best friend. This felt nearly devastating. I loved cheese! Finding and trying new cheeses as well as attending cheese tastings were social events and flat out fun. However, I felt bloated, lethargic, foggy, and just not well after eating dairy.

As a result, I challenged myself to remove dairy from my diet. It took about 3 months for the cheese cravings to dissipate, but the results were amazing!

I no longer experienced abdominal pain, had more energy, greater clarity of mind, and felt unbelievably better. This small dietary modification was life changing. I had no idea I could feel so much better and influence how I felt. As cheesy as it sounds (no pun intended), this one change opened up a world of possibilities.

Now one would think that with this new awakening that it would have been easy for me to figure out any food sensitivities and be 100% perfectly on track. However, as with any habit or lifestyle change, it happens slowly and openness can ebb and flow. 

With the seemingly new gluten free diet craze, I was resistant. I loved bread and was adamant I could not give up one more food. What was I going to eat? I began learning more and more about wheat and gluten in order to understand why this food was demonized. Then while supporting a friend who was teaching a class on elimination diets, I decided to jump in and join.

At times it was hard, but again I was rewarded more than I could imagine.

I had always suffered from headaches growing up. I attributed it to stress, not enough water or food, or allergies. However, all of a sudden I noticed I had not experienced any headaches in weeks. That was unusual. Then, I had a migraine that was excruciating and no medicine could help. This happened a few other times before I realized the common denominator – gluten!

Now that I am gluten free, I am also migraine and headache free. Anyone who knows what it is like to experience pain and then all of a sudden receive a respite from it knows the gratitude and happiness that can come from that relief. It is incredible to finally be able to do the normal everyday things with enjoyment and be pain free.

While experimenting with food and how I felt, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.  I had suspected it for a while, but the diagnosis made it real. It was scary, frustrating, overwhelming, and embarrassing all at once. I asked numerous doctors for advice and if there was anything I could do to influence it. I was always told there was nothing I could do but use medication for the rest of my life.

I felt hopeless and at times depressed as I followed doctors orders and felt captive to the medication, which I disliked using.  However, I decided to take my experience into my own hands by researching the disease. I began making changes to my lifestyle, food choices, and creating home remedies based on my knowledge. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

My autoimmune disease is currently controlled and I no longer use any medicine. I learned more about my body and to listen to myself. However, the best lesson was to not give up, but to have hope and keep looking.

I have always been fascinated by how the body works. I grew up with two parents trained in Western Medicine and soaked up any information they passed along as it always captivated me. Additionally with being an athlete, I needed to understand my body more, especially when injured. While at the time I found the injuries to be frustrating obstacles, I learned so much about the body, the importance of slowing down, listening to feedback, and the importance of being an active participant in my own health.

As a result I am a Nutrition Consultant focusing on Holistic Nutrition as well as an active member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals.

With nutrition and health, I believe it is essential to get to the root of the issue as opposed to focusing on band aids that simply suppress the symptoms.

As I have done for myself, I want to empower clients to be in charge of their health both physically and emotionally and understand that they can be active participants.

I believe that Holistic Nutrition provides hope with new ideas and forward momentum where other health modalities give up. Diet and nutrition are the foundation to every part of our lives. However, so many of us forget this as we are bombarded with unhealthy foods in the grocery store, as quick pick up items, and on TV commercials.  I look at nutrition as opening a new door of possibilities and this process is exciting.


  • I believe in a balanced, whole foods, and nutrient dense diet

  • I believe nutrition needs to be personalized for greatest effectiveness and must fit each individual’s lifestyle

  • I believe creativity, collaboration, and openness to problem-solving are essential for one’s health to flourish

  • I believe in targeting the root of the health issue as opposed to treating the symptoms

  • I believe in empowering each person to become an expert in his/her health and healing, which is achieved through education, personalized tools, and support

  • I believe everyone deserves to thrive and that all ailments cannot be attributed to aging alone
  • I believe that the foundation of our emotions, capacity for resiliency, and ability to thrive begins with nutrition

  • I believe together we can create positive change in your life

  • I believe I can help you believe in yourself 

I am dedicated to...

  • Listening and working together to meet your goals and needs

  • Finding the best solutions that will fit into YOUR life

  • Creatively problem solving and looking outside the box

  • Having fun and finding enjoyment in the process

  • Living in reality and being honest about goal setting and the best solutions to get you there

  • Empowering you to be your own expert

  • Teaching and educating through discussion and collaboration

I look forward to working together with you to help you thrive in order to feel the best you possibly can!