Read what clients are saying...

"Kasin has spent time with me over the phone (since I live in Atlanta, Georgia) and has very patiently helped me get my blood pressure and high cholesterol under better control with a dietary regimen which was customized for my preferences and focused on these two problems. I have lost 23 lbs. so far over a period of three months with just a few minor changes to my diet. What I like about her approach is that she spends time to help you understand how her recommendations will impact your goals. You begin to see through her educational approach the importance of sufficient water intake, caloric reduction and the need to center your meals around certain food groups. 

I especially appreciate her patience and perseverance and the kindness which is at the center of her personality. It makes you feel like you have a real coach with your best interest at heart. She also realizes that you won't always do what you should, but encourages you to get back on track as soon as you can. My goal was to lose about 35 lbs. and I am almost two thirds of the way there with just a little effort. It is great to feel comfortable in your clothes again! Thanks for your help, Kasin!"

— Allen Rutledge


"Kasin is one of those rare people who can bring out the best in you even when you're not seeing it within yourself. Every time we met, I came away from our conversation with a better sense of self and motivation to have a great week. I always felt as though she really understood and cared about the challenges I was facing and gave me simple, yet meaningful goals to help me be so successful in the week ahead. I can't recommend her highly enough!"

— Lisa Grantham


"Kasin was an excellent coach - she offered so many ideas for nutrition and lifestyle change. Her greatest impact for me was her time during my maintenance phase. Anyone that knows anything about weight loss knows that losing weight is a cake walk (see what I did there?) compared to maintaining your weight loss. You can't avoid your friends and social meals forever! Kasin was a steady support and continued to be creative and resourceful each time I returned to check in. I dreaded returning when I knew that I was up a  few pounds or feeling like I wasn't making good choices - but without fail Kasin focused on the positives and helped me stay focused on my overall plan and my accomplishments. Later, I attended a class she co-lead that helped attendees plan for eating exceptions - the non-meals that riddle folks like me with distraction and guilt. It was an incredibly productive hour. And more than 2 years after my first appointment, I weigh in at my goal weight (a range if 5 lbs. and I am right in the middle of it). I really appreciate Kasin and her dedication to the well-being of others - whether others are like me (with a relationship with food that isn't always the right one) or not - we all benefit from Kasin's attention."

— Lindsay Bolt


"For me, the time to learn what was effecting me (medicines, different foods, stress,..) and how to actively address has been a HUGE life-changer for me. You are the biggest part of making that happen. I can never thank you enough.”

— Linda Souva


“I’m happy to report that not only did I lose 6 lbs, but I also feel like a completely different version of myself! I followed all of Kasin's guidelines and was surprised to find that everything I thought would work against me actually made me feel satisfied and way more connected to my body than I had felt previously!”

— Heather Kreft


"I came to Kasin hoping to maximize my performance as I trained for a Half Ironman. Her recommendations were easy to incorporate into my routine and in little to no time I was able to see improvements in my workouts. Best of all, thanks to Kasin's advice, I no longer experience the post-workout joint pain I had grown accustomed to. Amazing!"

— Scott Gilmore