Spring Cleaning

 Spring is a wonderful time to start thinking about cleaning. We clean out our closets, wash        the pollen off the windows, and get ready for summer. This is also the time of year when  I get asked  about cleanses - which one someone should do and how to do it fast.                      So, I thought  over the next couple weeks that I would share a variety of ways to support        your body's ability to cleanse itself without having to go through a juice cleanse.

 Many people move throughout the year eating whatever tastes good without much thought of how it affects their health. It is only when the weather gets warmer that many people start thinking about shedding the extra weight and as a result,  begin to look more critically at       food choices. However, that leaves many of us fighting a toxin build up that affects our       health, weight, sleep, emotions, physical pain, and just about everything else. 

 Most people do not purposely put toxins into their bodies, so where do they come from?

 We acquire toxins from the environment we live in, food and water we consume, homes we live in, and many other places. Unfortunately it is unavoidable. While this realization can be scary, we certainly cannot avoid every single toxin. Therefore, the answer is to make  better choices whenever we can. One easy way to help your body optimally rid itself of  toxins in order to feel better mentally, physically, and emotionally is simple – start  your day with a room temperature glass of water with the juice from at least ½ of a lemon.

 Lemons are one of nature’s and our body’s natural detoxifiers as it helps your liver cleanse  and remove any harmful build up.  One way you can quickly see the effects of lemon  juice is to see how it naturally rebalances and rids the body of any excess water retention.

I encourage you to try and experiment with lemon juice. Add it to any dish, salad, and your water. It is a refreshing and tasty addition while improving your health!